Lone Wolf

01 - Flight From The Dark - Map Sample
01 – Flight From The Dark – Map Sample

Here are some automatically generated maps for Lone Wolf. These are different from the ones available at Project Aon.

Grey boxes in the maps mean you’re dead.


Flight From The Dark01-flight-from-the-dark-map.zip
Fire On The Water02-fire-on-the-water-map.zip
The Caverns of Kalte03-the-caverns-of-kalte-map.zip
The Chasm of Doom04-the-chasm-of-doom-map.zip
Shadow on the Sand05-shadow-on-the-sand-map.zip
The Kingdoms of Terror06-the-kingdoms-of-terror-map.zip
Castle Death07-castle-death-map.zip
The Jungle of Horrors08-the-jungle-of-horrors-map.zip
The Cauldron of Fear09-the-cauldron-of-fear-map.zip
The Dungeons of Torgar10-the-dungeons-of-torgar-map.zip
The Prisoners of Time11-the-prisoners-of-time-map.zip
The Masters of Darkness12-the-masters-of-darkness-map.zip
The Plague Lords of Ruel13-the-plague-lords-of-ruel-map.zip
The Captives of Kaag14-the-captives-of-kaag-map.zip
The Darke Crusade15-the-darke-crusade-map.zip
The Legacy of Vashna16-the-legacy-of-vashna-map.zip
The Deathlord of Ixia17-the-deathlord-of-ixia-map.zip
Dawn of the Dragons18-dawn-of-the-dragons-map.zip
Wolf's Bane19-wolf's-bane-map.zip
The Curse of Naar20-the-curse-of-naar-map.zip
Voyage of the Moonstone21-voyage-of-the-moonstone-map.zip
The Buccaneers of Shadaki22-the-buccaneers-of-shadaki-map.zip
Mydnight's Hero23-mydnight's-hero-map.zip
Rune War24-rune-war-map.zip
Trail of the Wolf25-trail-of-the-wolf-map.zip

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