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We’ve changed our domain to gamebookguide.com. Thanks everyone for their support, which allowed us to buy it.

Unfortunately, due to the way the internet works, the site might not function as expected for some people during the next few hours. Sorry about this, it will all be back to normal soon. 😉

Second Destiny Quest Book Sighted

Well, three versions of the second Destiny Quest book, apparently entitled “The Heart of Fire” have shown up on Amazon

All three are going to be published by Gollancz (which I know better for their sci-fi section :)) with the book seemingly making its first showing in paperback and hardback editions in September 2012, followed by a smaller format mass market edition in 2013.

Lets hope one year is enough for vredens to finish the maps for the 1st book’s 3rd quest. 😀

Lone Wolf Maps

Lone Wolf Map Sneak Peak
Lone Wolf Map Sneak Peak

Good day everyone!

There’s now a new page dedicated to Lone Wolf maps. I’ll upload all of them whenever I can.

Have fun! 😉


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