Three stooges
Three stooges

This site was created by two friends who love tea and women. No we don’t love mummies. That’s our main developer in the middle. He’s got over 5 years experience in IT development so we had to have him preserved before he died on us.

We all love gamebooks since we were kids (except the dev, since he’s paid to love books ;)). I hope this site will serve to share our, knowingly limited, knowledge and learn something about gamebooks. 😉


blueachenar & vredens

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  1. Hello. I contacted damien kats once. He reviews a ton of game books old and new. I asked him if any gamebook used a ‘dice pool’ mechanic similar to that used in the ‘shadowrun’ rpg game. He said there was none. Do you know of any? If Not im working on a fan-fiction gamebook based on the old 1992 Alone in the Dark video game. Old computers meant only one monster at a time. To prep I read a lot of H.P. lovecraft short stories and i can tell you this. The video game mansion looks like a new coat of paint and its fine, excepting monsters. My description makes you want to burn it down to the ground. It seems to be a place of cold air, leaky pipes and rotten floors. I’m no writer but I thought ild let you guys know.

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