Chessex Pound O D6 Review

Well, most gamebooks are played with D6 dice, so today I’ll be reviewing the Chessex Pound o’ D6 bag.

Chessex Pound o' D6 bag
Chessex Pound o’ D6 bag
Missing pips
Missing pips
Sorted dice
Sorted dice

This bag consists of a assorted choice of D6 dice of several sizes. Some come with factory defects, but these are usually not noticeable. The exception to this are dice with missing pips (see image).

In my bag I got 169 dice. Most of them are 16mm and 12mm in diameter. I also got 4 really tiny dice which I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them.

My favourite dice in the pack are the ‘frosted’ ones which are vaguely opaque, but still I use my Chessex Vortex Magma ones to play gamebooks. 🙂

With so many dice I gave some away and replenished my board games which were missing a few. All in all, I grabbed a bargain with this bag and would recommend it to anyone who has use for so many dice.

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